Optisense Technologies

Innovative Optical Biosensor Technology

optisense technology


Optisense develops highly sensitive biosensors for real-time monitoring of contaminants and biochemical substances. The Optisense ‘Lab-on-Chip’ sensor is used for real-time and on-site detection. Based on a unique combination of an integrated optic chip, a biochemical transduction layer, micro-fluidics and electronics, the Optisense patented ‘Lab-on-Chip’ sensor technology guarantees high-end laboratory sensitivity (lower parts per billion range).


Water related activities of Optisense are concentrated in the subsidiary Optiqua. For more details about our products, please visit: www.optiqua.com    Image





Optisense ChipKey element in the Optisense technology is its generic optical sensor concept based on the Mach Zender Interferometer (MZI). The MZI measures contaminant induced refractive index changes. By applying selective bio-chemical layers to the generic platform, the ‘Lab-on-Chip’ sensor can be tailored for the detection of any specific (bio) chemical substance.



The Optisense sensor technology is available in a wide range of markets that require accurate, quick and sensitive testing methods at low cost per test. Thanks to the platform-based core technology, our sensors have an almost infinite range of application possibilities, such as:


  • Water
  • Agriculture
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Forensic Research
  • Food & Beverages
  • Homeland security applications